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QR Series Quiet Roller Type Linear Guideway

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1. Improve the smoothness of the exercise

When the conventional linear guide without the synchronous coupling starts to operate, the rolling elements will collide back and forth due to pushing, so that the frictional resistance fluctuates drastically. The QR series linear guide adopting SynchMotionTM technology has a roller synchronous coupling, in addition to effectively preventing the roller from entering the load zone, all the rollers are evenly arranged to circulate, and there is no back and forth between the rollers. Collision, under a certain inertia of motion, the range of variation of frictional resistance can be effectively reduced.


2. Low noise design

The roller synchronous coupling can make the rollers evenly spaced, the impact metal sound between adjacent rollers disappears, and the sharp high-frequency sound intensity is effectively reduced. The sum of the sound intensity is effective in each speed range compared with the old series. Reduce by about 3 decibels.


3. Four-direction high load carrying capacity

The QR series linear guides use DB (45°-45°) contact system to withstand loads in the up and down and left and right directions, allowing the linear guides to have extremely high load capacity. Under the same workload requirements, the QR line rail can have a smaller volume than the ball type line rail, and can even withstand high loads.


4. Ultra-high rigidity in all four directions

In addition to the high-speed performance of the QR series linear guides, the QR series linear guides replace the balls with roller-type rolling elements, which effectively reduce the roll by the line contact between the rollers and the slide rails. The elastic deformation of the column under load can not only greatly increase the rigidity of the linear guide, but also maintain high-precision machining at high speed.



Especially for the industries in which high speed, low noise, and high rigidity environment are required.


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