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Cool Type I Ballscrews

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Optimized design

Using computer simulation and finite element analysis, the Cool Type ball screw has a perfect thermal suppression function and a high reliability structure.

Increased operating speed and up to 200,000 ultra-high Dm-N value Cool Type ball screw can eliminate the temperature rise caused by high-speed operation, and can achieve higher operation due to stable temperature control function speed.


Avoid thermal deformation

The Cool Type ball screw features an optimized heat transfer design that reduces heat generation and thermal distortion.


Increase durability

When the ball screw is used in a reciprocating environment, the generation of the steel ball due to heat generation may cause oxidized or decarburized phenomena and shorten the service life. Cool Type ball screws increase durability by operating in a stable temperature-controlled environment.


Extend grease life

Since it operates in a temperature-controlled environment, it can prevent the deterioration of lubricating grease due to temperature rise and relatively extend the life of lubricating grease.

Maintaining a constant temperature environment and reducing the warm-up time of the machine. When the Cool Type ball screw is running at high speed, it has been tested to verify that the effect of cooling the temperature control of the nut and the screw simultaneously maintains a constant temperature environment, thereby reducing the machine. Warm-up time.


Provide higher feed accuracy

Cooling of the Cool Type ball screw suppresses thermal deformation and maintains a constant feed accuracy.




For high-speed machine tools, the screw cooling effect of the screw is insufficient to resist heat generation and thermal deformation under high-speed operation, because the nut itself under high-speed operation is a heat source, and the test result is shown in Figure 8.3. Test conditions are the same as described below. In order to achieve accuracy and longevity at high speeds, HIWIN recommends the use of both nut cooling and screw cooling (Cool type I) in response to the harsh environment of ball screws at high speeds.


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