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HIWIN® Silver® Focus on cutting-edge technology, keep up to date

HIWIN® Silver® Focus on cutting-edge technology, keep up to date


The 2018 Shanghai Frankfurt International Auto Parts Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 28th to December 1st, and will continue to make breakthroughs in the number of exhibitors and visitors. The exhibition area will be further expanded to 350,000 square meters in 2018, and it is expected to attract more than 6,250 companies and 140,000 professional visitors. The exhibits cover the world's top brands and leading domestic and foreign companies.

HIWIN brings a lot of smart products to this exhibition. We look forward to your visit to Shangti 4.1M52 booth to learn more about our smart new products: R-type EPS rack screw, SCARA Scala robot, direct drive motor rotary table, LMSA sandwich Z-axis modules, etc.


△Upper silver booth renderings


Booth No.: 4.1M52

Time: 2018/11/28-12/01

Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)



1. SCARA Robot 

The Scala robot arm is suitable for quick access to or assembly of objects in a flat range, and is widely used in the plastics industry, the automotive industry, the electronics industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the food industry.


2. Joint Robot (Delta Robot)

●The lightweight and articulated robotic arm, with its many degrees of freedom and high flexibility, can be applied to the handling of objects or complex machining tasks in addition to the handling of objects.

●Applicable to object picking and stacking, workpiece deburring and grinding, and component assembly.


3.R-type EPS rack screw

feature of product:

The “ball screw” is a key component of the rack-type electric power steering system (R-EPS). HIWIN is a professional ball screw manufacturer with modern factory and professional engineers. By providing high quality, high smoothness, long life and R-EPS ball screw that meets customer's work test, it can enhance the competitiveness of customers' products.

Low noise (3~5 dB compared with the general product)

The optimized return path design absorbs the noise generated by the impact of the steel ball and reduces the noise value.

Good sound quality

The NC cycle component not only reduces the sound pressure value, but also has a medium-to-high frequency that is significantly lower than the conventional cycle, so that it has no sharp and harsh rubbing sound and exhibits better sound quality.

Low vibration and smooth operation

The tangential cycle design greatly reduces the impact force of the ball running and the resistance of the guiding ball, so that the nut body vibration is relatively smooth and the rotation is smooth and stable.


4. Direct drive motor rotary table

The silver direct drive motor rotary table uses HIWIN high acceleration, high torque, high precision, zero backlash self-made water-cooled direct drive motor and cross roller bearing, built-in air pressure powerful brake system, which plays a key role in the five-axis machining machine. Sexual role. The direct drive motor rotary table can effectively enhance the competitiveness of the processing machine. Compared with the conventional traditional indirect transmission rotary table, the transmission response speed is fast, the positioning is accurate, and the product processing time and energy consumption of the product are reduced by about 50%.

● Two-axis rotary table (RAB/RAS series), a key component of the high-end five-axis machining machine.

● Single-axis rotary table (RCV/RCH series), used in the milling and machining center, with a speed of 2,000 RPM.