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Zhuo Yongcai: GDP may grow negative this year

Zhuo Yongcai: GDP may grow negative this year


Zhuo Yongcai, chairman of the Bank of Shanghai Group, said that the global economy is sluggish and there is no sign of improvement in Taiwan’s economy and machine tool industry this year. Fortunately, the silver distribution smart automation, robots, and master the aging trend into the medical industry, thanks to smart automation and mainland mobile phone orders increased, the camp in April recovered to more than 1.3 billion, the current production line 24 hours overtime work.




Zhuo Yongcai (left), the chairman of Shangyin Group, hosted the HIWIN Group 2016 Sports and Garden Tournament yesterday and presented the awards to the excellent employees. (Photo by Shen Meixing)


Shangyin held an annual staff sports and garden tour yesterday. Zhuo Yongcai said after interviewing the sports and garden tour yesterday that it seems that Taiwan’s overall economic climate will not be good. It is very likely that the machine tool industry boom will not see signs of improvement in the second half of the year. However, he pointed out that not all tool machine factories are not doing well this year, and the capacity of mainland machine tools is excessive, but there is still demand for compounding and intelligent automation. Manufacturers of composite tooling machines and intelligent automation still have this year. Order.


Zhuo Yongcai pointed out that some non-Ping camp mobile phone sets in the mainland have increased demand and smart automation demand has come up. Although the European economy has not improved, the orders of Shanghai, Germany and Italy have increased. As of now, Italy's orders have grown by multiples. In addition, Shangyin also controls the market trend. Ball screws, linear slides and servo motors are delivered to the medical industry. Since March, they have been working overtime. Recently, the production line is produced in three shifts all day, and they have to work on Sundays.


Zhuo Yongcai said that Shangyin has long laid out industries that are more likely to grow, such as smart automation, medical industry, and robots. For example, the lower limb rehabilitation training machine jointly developed by Shanghai Silver and China Medical University will officially obtain mainland certification in late March. One batch of 10 units was shipped to mainland dealers last month. Shangyin is also embarking on the development of a simplified version of the lower limb rehabilitation training machine, which is effective but does not require complicated certification procedures. It is expected to be completed by the end of this year and will be sold next year. To Japan.


Zhuo Yongcai stressed that the second quarter of the banking operation will be better than the first quarter, and the second half will be better than the first half. In this year, Shangyin adopted a batch salary adjustment strategy for employees. At the beginning of the year, it helped the indirect units and grassroots employees to adjust their salary according to individual performance. In May and June, they also adjusted salary for on-site employees.