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The 12th Hiwin Machinery Master's Thesis Award

The 12th Hiwin Machinery Master's Thesis Award


The 12th Annual Award Ceremony of the "Hiwin Thesis Award" was held on March 26, 2016. The successful university graduate students Zhu Zhengyu and Professor Lan Zhaojie "developed a flexible human wrist driver" The Affinity and Human Machine Interaction won the Gold Award and the Creation Award, and received a prize of 2.2 million yuan. Professors Yao Yaowen and Liao Yunxuan from Taiwan University won the Silver Award and the prize for "CNC Vertical Milling Regenerative Flutter Prediction Research". 800,000 yuan; Professor Zhong Mingjie and Professor Li Mingcang of Zhongxing University won the bronze award and bonus of 600,000 yuan with "the thermal deformation analysis of the machine tool spindle head structure and the optimization simulation of multiple physical physics".


In order to encourage university youth to invest in mechanical engineering research and development innovation, and to build a competitive advantage in Taiwan's precision machinery industry, Shangyin Technology has held the "Shangyin Machinery Master's Thesis Award" since 2004, and invested more than 12 million yuan each year to hold this award. The total number of entries in the 1st to 12th editions was 1,194, and the total number of awards was 184. The total number of award-winning teachers and students was 392. Of the 1st to 11th award-winning papers, 42 were used by enterprises and 91 were published. In international academic journals, these award-winning papers have reached a very high standard. They have been highly regarded and praised by the machinery industry and academia. They have been praised as the "Nobel Prize" for the machinery industry. Vice President Wu Dunyi and Vice President Du Zijun of the Executive Yuan The dean and the deputy director of the Ministry of Education, Chen Dehua, attended the awards ceremony and presented the awards. Jiayu won the awards of teachers and students.



Wu Dunyi Vice President

The machinery industry is an important industry that high technology relies heavily on.




In 2004, Shangyin Technology began to establish the Master of Mechanical Engineering Award, which made it a debut. This has been a trend for more than a decade. The machinery industry is the second largest industry in Taiwan. In 2015, it had an output value of 950 billion yuan. It is not only very important in China, but also more than 13,000 manufacturers, creating 300,000 employed people. At the same time, in terms of exports, machine tools rank fourth in the world. Second to Germany, Japan, Italy.



Many industries in Taiwan have a high ranking in the world. Taiwan has 140 populations in 196 countries around the world, with a population of more than 23 million, ranking 52nd. The economic and trade strength ranks 19th in the world. WEF National Competitiveness Ranking We are between 11 and 13 people. IMB is ranked 6th in the Lausanne International School of Management in Switzerland. It is now between the 9th and 11th. The machinery industry is an important industry, and it is an industry that is highly dependent on high technology. Whether it is a plane flying in the sky, a ship on the sea, a vehicle on the road, or medical equipment or IC equipment, there must be no machinery; and I found us Not only can there be no machinery, nor can it be without silver, including linear slides and ball screws, which are among the best in the industry. Today, I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the machinery industry, whether it is a good friend of the industry or a student. It is good to have you!



Shangyin Technology Zhuo Yongcai Chairman of the Board of Directors

Promote Industry 4.0 and Enhance Taiwan's Competitiveness




Shangyin Science and Technology does not neglect corporate social responsibility due to its small scale. Since 2004, it has held the Master's Thesis Award of Shangyin Machinery. Over the past decade, the machinery industry has gradually gained attention; we have been working hard to be self-motivated and must be responsible to shareholders and employees. If the money is not earned enough, it will not be able to renew this award, so we must work hard and make the Shangyin Group doing a good job.


Shangyin has strongly promoted Industry 4.0 in the past two years, because this is the core competitiveness of Taiwan in the next 50 years and even this century. On February 25th, 17 public associations were convened by the Taiwan Smart Automation and Robotics Association, and meetings were held at Shanghai Silver, including the mold association, the woodworking machine association, the machine tool association, the hand tool association … etc. We hope to bring the industry 4.0 The related industries are integrated and allowed to continue to ferment …. On April 8th, the supervisors of the Water Hardware Industry Development Association and the big factory, also went to Shangyin to feel how the intellectualization affects the development of the next generation of water hardware, how to combine tool machines, how to combine wisdom automation, sensors, etc. High added value and the problem of manpower shortage. I believe that through the use of mechanical squadrons, a good situation, and the integration of resources, Taiwan's international competitiveness will certainly be able to take it to the next level. This is also the very important original intention of Shanghua's master of mechanical and doctoral thesis awards.



Executive Yuan Du Zijun Vice President

The academic community should strengthen the breadth and depth of research, and the industry should enhance the ability to manufacture cutting-edge tools.




First of all, congratulations to the teachers and classmates here, there are two hopes to work hard with you. First, I hope Taiwan's academic community can continue the breadth and depth of mechanical research. In the future, under the development of Industry 4.0, machinery must integrate with ICT, wireless communication, cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data applications, etc. The breadth of research is broader than it is now. Depth part: Many people will do it, but to be the best, it is a difficult place. Why is the machinery industry in some European countries affirmed because it is stronger than some countries in terms of precision, materials and reliability? It is also the direction in which Taiwan must work hard in the future.



Second, if the Taiwanese machinery industry cannot continue to develop, it will affect the development of all other technology industries. When the country's technology industry leads other countries, he must have the ability to make tools by himself. Capacity, all industry development will be limited; for example, if LEDs are to be developed, if MOCVD relies on purchasing from other countries, there is no way to have sufficient support for manufacturing energy, while semiconductors, telecommunications, optoelectronics and other industries Development also requires more forward-looking machinery. If we can't make good tools, development will be limited. Therefore, the continuous development and growth of the machinery industry will be an important cornerstone for the development of other technology industries.



Ministry of Education Chen Dehua

Talent is the most important key to national competitiveness




Talent is the most important core key to determining industrial development and national competitiveness. Therefore, how to shorten the gap between industry and education? How do industry and education work together to create a win-win situation for both industry and education? It is a very urgent focus of government administration. The industry has a lot of advice and expectations for us. Some companies are also willing to join hands with the school to cultivate talents, and Zhuo is the most outstanding performer.



In the past three years, the industry and academia work together, Shangyin Technology and the seven high-tech four majors, a total of 12 industry-university joint classes; last year promoted the Industrial College, 103-104 Shanghai Silver Technology and Technology School The cooperation of the institute is about 500 people per year; like the holding of the Master's Thesis Award of the Shangyin Machinery, there are also doctoral thesis awards. The reward mechanism of these competitions can encourage young people to invest in the research and study of machinery-related industries. This is a good example for the joint development of future industries and schools.



Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Zhang Shouqi Chairman

Shangyin has laid a good foundation for promoting productivity 4.0 talent cultivation and technology development.




Shangyin Technology encourages young students and their teaching professors to actively invest in R&D and innovation in the field of machinery, and to explore and cultivate outstanding mechanical talents through rewarding competitive incentives, thereby enhancing the long-term core competitiveness of the precision machinery industry. After 12 years of competition incentives, the master's thesis level of the University of Science and Technology has been significantly improved. The quality of the master's thesis in the field of machine tools has also increased in recent years. For China's promotion of productivity 4.0 talent cultivation and technology development, It can be said that a good foundation has been laid.


The Shangyin Mechanical Master's Thesis Award has already played a major influence in the academic world. In the past 12 years, it has accumulated more than 117 research institutes from 47 colleges and universities, covering a number of colleges. It has fully demonstrated its influence on proliferation. , guiding the research in the field of precision machinery is a very outstanding contribution!



Convener of the review meeting Chen Wenhua Chair Professor


No pain no gain




A total of 86 papers from 23 universities were recommended for the year. As in previous years, under the fair, open, fair and rigorous evaluation, a total of 23 papers entered the final. Due to the fierce competition, the difference between the past years is often 0.1 or even 0.0. In order to improve this phenomenon, the voting mechanism was specially increased during the trial this year. The gold, silver, bronze and superior prizes were fully discussed and two rounds of voting were produced. Here, I want to be particularly sure of the paper that won the gold award this year (Zhu Zhengyu, Professor Lan Zhaojie), and Zhu’s three years of betting has been unanimously affirmed by all the members, which is a testimony to the fact that Harvest "


In the past 12 years, the Shangyin Mechanical Master's Thesis Award has provided a very good guiding role for the teaching and research direction of domestic machinery-related research institutes, and has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of research and development energy in the universities of science and technology and precision machinery industry. I am very pleased that the 13th Shanghai Silver Medal Master's Thesis Award has included sensors and other related research in Industry 4.0 as an incentive object, and the contribution to future industrial technology upgrades will be expected.



Winning Testimonial - Gold Award Winner

Professor Lan Zhaojie, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chenggong University


The two most fulfilling things, the research results and the guidance of the students can be used by the industry




As the professor of the university's mechanical department, the first thing that has the most accomplishment is not how many SCI papers have been written, but one day the research results can be used by the industry and even commercialized. Recently, I have visited many manufacturers and hoped to sell the technology of the laboratory. It is also very difficult to recognize the industry-university cooperation and technology transfer. Especially in Taiwan’s current industrial difficulties, it is more necessary for schools and manufacturers to be closer. Cooperation will enable Taiwan's precision machinery technology to keep up with the standards of advanced countries.



The second thing is that students who can see the guidance have achieved success in the development of their careers. It is a pity that although they are trained in mechanical engineering, only a small part of them remain in the machinery industry. They look forward to having a better employment environment for the machinery industry in the future, attracting talented people to join, and making Taiwan’s machinery industry capable. More progress!