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Zhuo Yongcai encourages you not to limit yourself

Zhuo Yongcai encourages you not to limit yourself




Professor Tan Wenzhao (right) from the "Creative Thinking" series of lectures at Asian University and Zhuo Yongcai, founder of Shangyin Technology. Figure / provided by Asian University


Asian University's "Creative Thinking" series of literary lectures, on May 5, invited a well-known moderator, Professor of the University of Asia, Chen Wenzhao, and the founder of Shangyin Technology, Zhuo Yongcai, on the theme: "Do not deliberately arrange, create unremitting efforts life!"


Zhuo Yongcai encourages Asian college students not to talk about entrepreneurship, because entrepreneurship is stressful, and don't start a business for entrepreneurship; young people don't want to be too high-spirited, but don't limit themselves, do everything well, accumulate small achievements, and have great achievements. Let the entrepreneurship come to fruition.


Chen Wenzhao said that Zhuo Yong’s accounting is accounting. After experiencing the hard times of Taiwan, he did not expect to enter the field of education and become a well-known person related to education. He is busy late at night and goes to the Ministry of Education. Most of the meetings and reforms of the Ministry of Science and Technology are to participate in the planning of science and technology education, to talk about industry-university cooperation, and to continuously pay attention to it. It is hoped that young people in Taiwan can have a future.


"Young students face Industry 4.0, is this fear or should they study?" Chen Wenzhao asked, Zhuo Yongcai said that when he was the chief secretary of the Bank of Communications, he was sent to coach Samsung Hardware, which was in crisis, at the Samsung Hardware Factory. In four months, he completed the reorganization task and resolved the financial crisis of Samsung Hardware. However, he did not have a desk. He was busy at the factory until 12 o'clock in the evening and learned a lot of practical work. "Each step will have an impact in the future, don't limit yourself, every small achievement, you can accumulate great success in the future."


Chen Wenzhao emphasized that in the era of artificial intelligence, young students need to learn. New industries and new knowledge of intelligent manufacturing include: robotics, language recognition, image computing, 3D printing, Internet of Things, Maker Movement. However, because Taiwan is not enough talents, how to face the future technology industry, especially in the field of robotics, will be the focus of development, and will also affect the changes of a generation.


Zhuo Yongcai said that the current difficulties in Taiwan need to be solved by "soft and hard". Not only learn software, learn to write programs, but also learn hardware equipment, such as printing knowledge. Now Taiwan can achieve the big industry 4.0. There are many factories, such as TSMC (about 3.8) and silver. In addition, cross-disciplinary courses are also very important. It is necessary to have expertise in other fields, and then integrate them to be top-notch scientific and technological talents.


"People, how do you see your bottleneck?" Zhuo Yongcai stressed, don't limit yourself, do everything and do it well. In 1978, he went to New York to study. As a behind-the-scenes, starting a business, taking orders, and being a salesman, he was a learning process.


"How do you talk about doing your best for the next generation?" Chen Wenzhao said that when the younger generation shouts "generational justice" and "anti-financial group", why not choose "blame"? Zhuo Yongcai said that he should pay attention to high-tech talents. He still works until late at night, and holds the "Machine Master's Thesis Award", which awards high bonuses to encourage young people. In the face of global competition, especially the mainland, only to go faster can survive. Now we must work harder to upgrade, cooperate with industry and academia, cultivate talents, and keep moving forward.


Chen Wenzhao introduced the secrets of Zhuo Yongcai's success, including: (1) life that is not deliberately arranged; (2) what to do, what to do; (3) bold venture, financial knowledge used in the right place; (4) continuous learning; 5) Praise the past and be kind to the future.