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Industry 4.0 Best Partner

Industry 4.0 Best Partner


The 2016 Taichung Automation Machinery and Smart Manufacturing Industry Exhibition will be launched today (20). The world's second-largest brand of transmission control and system technology--Shangyin Technology will use the "Industry 4.0 Best Partner" as the main axis of the show, at the LO717 booth. The exhibition has carefully developed a long-stroke automatic loading and unloading system, a direct-drive motor rotary table, intelligent automation key components and a series of complete solutions. Due to its unique features and high production efficiency, it is expected to attract a wave of buyers during the exhibition. Into the visit, create a beautiful transcript.




Shangyin Technology will exhibit a long-stroke automatic loading and unloading system consisting of a self-developed 6-axis articulated robotic arm with a lathe. Figure / provider


Shangyin Technology emphasizes that the long-stroke automatic loading and unloading system exhibited by the company is a 6-axis articulated robotic arm with a lathe developed by Shangyin. A 6-axis articulated robotic arm can be used with multiple workstations. Loading and unloading, showing the powerful research and development energy of Shanghai Silver Technology in automation and smart manufacturing.


It is worth mentioning that the silver-plated 6-axis articulated robotic arm is the most widely used model for industrial robots worldwide. It is not only lightweight, but also the internal key components are developed by HIWIN using core technology. In addition to significant cost savings, the key zero The components are no longer subject to advanced countries such as Germany and Japan, providing customers with complete solutions with high added value and helping customers to strengthen their competitiveness in the global market.


In addition, the direct drive motor rotary table is the second bright spot on the silver show this year. The rotary shaft of this product adopts HIWIN cross roller bearing and direct drive servo motor, which plays a key role in the new generation five-axis machining machine. Its machine features a high rigidity and symmetrical structure design.


Second, the use of high acceleration, high torque, high precision, zero backlash direct drive motor. Third, the rotary shaft has a built-in powerful brake system. 4. The rotary shaft adopts a large-diameter, high-rigidity radial axial bearing. 5. The inclined shaft adopts high-precision and high-rigidity cross roller bearing.


Shangyin Technology sells its products worldwide under HIWIN's own brand. Its main products include precision transmission control components and system components such as ball screws, linear slides, power tool holders, special bearings, industrial robots, wafer robots and medical robots. The high-precision industrial, medical and intelligent automation industry is the world's second leading brand of transmission control and system technology.