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Lulian Smart Gear Grinder Automated Standard

Lulian Smart Gear Grinder Automated Standard


Gear grinding machine and tool factory Lulian Precision Co., Ltd. (LUREN) has been marketing intensively this year. A total of 22 professional exhibitions at home and abroad were planned throughout the year. The Taipei CNC Machine Tool Show is mainly designed to show automation and intelligent design. The worm grinder is matched with silver. The developed automatic loading and unloading device and the gear-created grinding machine are the two highlights of this exhibition.




General Manager of Lulian Precision, Chen Shiduan. Weng Yongquan / Photography


General Manager Chen Shiduan said that this year set a target of 1 billion yuan for the annual target. The recent market fever is not as expected. The degree of power is about 8 or 90%, but it will still sprint in all major exhibitions and strive for a touchdown. In March Shanghai Exhibition, the proportion of foreign businessmen was higher than in previous years. Facing the competition and catching up with competitors, Lulian exhibited 800 vertical grinders and worm grinders to let potential customers in China see the strength.


Lu Lian was selected by the Machinery Association as a model factory capable of representing Productivity 4.0. Chen Shiduan said that over the years, he has been working on smart machines, combining robotic arms, big data analysis and network interconnection, not only enabling dialogue between devices, but also remote monitoring. And maintenance; more importantly, the machine itself has a certain degree of self-learning intelligence, in the gear production process, can reduce manpower monitoring, relying on automatic tooth, automatic measurement and adjustment, to a considerable extent replace human judgment.


Chen Shiduan analyzed that although China is experiencing the labor adjustment of production capacity, it still has more vitality than the European and American markets.


Lulian is fully sprinting on products such as power tool holders, spinning pumps, gear cutters and gear grinding machines, especially gear grinding machines with a revenue share of 50%, which is the focus of marketing.


Lulian also launched a new plant plan this year, which is expected to be completed in the middle of next year.


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