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HIWIN Industry 4.0 quality partner, meet you DMP 2018

HIWIN Industry 4.0 quality partner, meet you DMP 2018


The 2018DMP will be held at the Guangdong International Modern Exhibition Center in Dongguan on November 27-30. The exhibition area is over 110,000 square meters, with a total of 6,216 booths and nearly 1,400 exhibiting companies. It has attracted many well-known automation and intelligent equipment companies from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition. More and more well-known enterprises have taken DMP as the starting platform for new products and new technologies, and brought the latest products and technologies to the exhibition.

HIWIN robots are the most widely used models for industrial robots around the world. They are lightweight, high-precision, multi-degree-of-freedom, high-flexibility, and wide-ranging. They can be used for object handling and high-precision assembly operations or complexities. Processing tasks. The key internal components are developed by HIWIN using core technologies to provide customers with complete added value solutions. They are widely used in aerospace, new energy, automotive parts, mobile phones, electronics, semiconductors, optoelectronics, medical, plastic rubber, food and medicine. Machine tool loading and unloading, transportation, automated warehousing, packaging and other industries.

Welcome to visit the 3B181 booth at the Bank of China.



Booth No.: 3B181

Time: November 27-30, 2018

Venue: Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center


1.i4.0BS intelligent ball screw

HIWIN pioneered the display of intelligent modules linked to Industry 4.0. The sensor for the feed axis is provided with the expert algorithm, which can effectively monitor the performance of the ball screw; the operator can know the preloading state of the ball screw, the temperature rise and displacement of the screw, and the screw by the intelligent module. The amount of vibration, the best lubrication time, in order to maintain the quality and efficiency of the process, the manager can instantly grasp the status of the machine by the remote end of the APP to plan the production schedule and maintenance plan.


2. Direct drive motor rotary table

The silver direct drive motor rotary table uses HIWIN high acceleration, high torque, high precision, zero backlash self-made water-cooled direct drive motor and cross roller bearing, built-in air pressure powerful brake system, which plays a key role in the five-axis machining machine. Sexual role. The direct drive motor rotary table can effectively enhance the competitiveness of the processing machine. Compared with the conventional traditional indirect transmission rotary table, the transmission response speed is fast, the positioning is accurate, and the product processing time and energy consumption of the product are reduced by about 50%.

●Two-axis rotary table (RAB/RAS series), a key component of the high-end five-axis machining machine.

● Single-axis rotary table (RCV/RCH series), used in the milling and machining center, with a speed of 2,000 RPM.




3. Articulated robot

●The lightweight and articulated robotic arm, with its many degrees of freedom and high flexibility, can be applied to the assembly of workpieces or complex machining tasks, in addition to the handling of objects.

●Applicable to object picking and stacking, workpiece deburring and grinding, and component assembly.


4. Linear motor

The linear motor is derived from Lorentz, which uses the interaction of current (I) and magnetic field (B) to generate thrust (F). With the arrangement of its own magnets and the use of multi-movers, the stroke can be achieved. Restricted and independent movement of single-axis multi-movers, nano-positioning accuracy control can be easily achieved by matching precision servo feedback.


5. Torque motor TMRW series (water cooling) + Mitsubishi exhibition machine (factory automation integration program)


Compared with the servo motor with reducer, the space is reduced by 30% and the speed is increased by 2 times.

Compared with the servo motor with reducer, with liquid cooling, the torque is increased by 2.5 times.

Maximum speed 4000rpm

Maximum hollow shaft 20mm

Application industry:

CNC indexing turntable

5-axis machine rotary axis

Machine tool spindle

Tableting machine

Tool magazine

Measuring machine


6.BSB ball screw bearing

Higher than international standard rotation accuracy, large axial rigidity, good smooth rotation, small size, space saving, flexible assembly tolerance, easy installation and adjustment, can be shipped with HIWIN ball screw, providing customer integration services.


7. Ball Spline

HIWIN ball spline is a kind of rolling guide component, which is mainly composed of nut, screw, steel ball and retainer. By the steel ball rolling in the infinite rolling cycle between the nut and the screw, the nut can be along High precision linear movement of the screw. The ball on the ball spline is an angular contact structure that can withstand radial and torque loads. The nut and bearing are integrally designed to achieve high loads in the streamlined structure of the ball spline.

The ball spline is provided with three sets of load balls, and the balls are designed for face-to-face angular contact. The balls are continuously circulated by the ball retainer, and the high-speed, high acceleration/deceleration guide is realized through the optimized retainer design. The cage's coating design for the steel ball allows the nut to be withdrawn from the spline shaft and the balls do not fall off.


● can transmit torque capacity

Compared with linear bearings, the steel balls in the rolling groove are in angular contact, so the nut and the screw can move relative to each other to achieve the function of transmitting torque.

●Integrated structure

Due to the integrated structure of the nut and the support bearing, a high-precision and small-sized design is realized.

●Easy to install

The ball spline retainer does not fall off even if the spline shaft is removed from the spline nut.

●Lubricating road

Through the optimized design of the oil circuit, the lubricating grease is directly guided to the ball returning position to improve the lubrication effect and improve the service life.