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QH Series Quiet Linear Guideway, with SynchMotion Technology

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Low noise design

The synchronous coupling can be used to evenly arrange the balls at equal intervals. The metal impact between the balls and the balls disappears, and the sharp high-frequency sound intensity is effectively reduced. The combined noise intensity is effectively reduced by approximately 7.7 decibels in each speed range compared to the old series.


Self-lubricating design does not require oil

The synchronous coupling is designed with an oil storage space in the middle of the partition, which can supply the steel ball for lubrication during operation, and can uniformly replenish the lubricating oil in the oil storage space when passing through the direction turning portion, and continue to be evenly distributed. The steel balls are lubricated, so the frequency of replenishing the lubricant can be effectively reduced. After testing, high-performance lithium soap-based grease was added at the factory, and it can be used for more than 2,500 kilometers under the dynamic load rating of 0.2 times without fatigue damage. Therefore, high-performance grease is added at the time of shipment, and maintenance is required without normal maintenance under normal normal use.


Improve athletic smoothness

Conventional linear guides without synchronous couplings, when starting the operation, the steel balls on the load side will move first, and then push the steel balls in the direction of the rotating part and the unloaded side, causing a chain back and forth collision, causing the frictional resistance to fluctuate drastically. The Q1 Type linear guide with SynchMotion TM technology has all the steel balls in the same cycle connected in series because of the synchronous coupling. When the slider starts to move, all the steel balls start almost at the same time, and there is no collision between the steel balls. Under a certain degree of motion inertia, the range of variation of frictional resistance can be effectively reduced.


High speed design

The spacer design of the synchronous coupling can eliminate the mutual friction between the ball and the ball, and the design of HIWIN makes the ring wire contact between the ball and the synchronous coupling, which can reduce the contact area between the two, thereby effectively reducing friction. The resistance makes the SynchMotionTM silent linear guides have excellent high speed performance.



Suitable for the electronics industry with high speed, quiet and low dust demand.


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