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Shangyin Technology won the top 5% of listed company governance evaluation

Shangyin Technology won the top 5% of listed company governance evaluation


The Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Cabinet Buying Center co-sponsored the corporate governance evaluation of the listed cabinet company. Shangyin Technology was awarded the “Top 5% of the listed group” and the company’s chairman Zhuo Yongcai personally received the award today.




Zhuo Yongcai (centre), the chairman of Shangyin Technology, today took over the corporate governance evaluation “Top 5% of the listed group” from the Ding Kehua, the chairman of the Financial Management Committee. The picture is provided by Shangyin


Shangyin said that Shangyin has been appraised in the nine categories of 98 evaluation indicators, representing Shangyin Technology's information transparency, implementation of corporate social responsibility and strict management system is an excellent enterprise that can be trusted and invested.


The second corporate governance evaluation jointly sponsored by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Cabinet Buying Center aims to guide healthy competition among enterprises and strengthen corporate governance, and further shape the culture of corporate initiative to improve corporate governance. There are a total of 824 in the second session. Listed companies and 623 cabinet companies, a total of 1,447 companies were evaluated. The evaluation is divided into five categories: 98 indicators: safeguarding shareholders' rights, treating shareholders equally, strengthening the structure and operation of the board of directors, improving information transparency, and implementing corporate social responsibility. Today, it was praised for the top 5% of corporate governance evaluations, 41 listed companies and 31 company cabinets, with a total of 72 companies.


Shangyin said that since its inception, Shangyin has been based on employees, shareholders, long-term development (R&D, branding) and corporate social responsibility as the four pillars of BOC's sustainable management, except for a number of R&D innovation patents. The product itself is a green product. Since it obtained the ISO13485 international medical certification in 2013, it has officially entered the medical field, and has made great efforts to improve the quality of human life. Through the practice of “Corporate Social Responsibility”, Shangyin Technology actively creates profit and pursues sustainable growth of the company. It also cares about the employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, contractors, communities, community groups and governments of the Bank of China. And so on, to achieve the goal of sustainable economic, environmental and social development. In 2015, BOC Technology also won two awards including the “Taiwan Top50 Enterprise Sustainability Report Award” Gold Award and the “Innovation Growth Award”.


Shangyin pointed out that looking forward to the future, BOC will continue to integrate and use its core competitiveness to support the growth of the Bank's profitability, and make the company's governance, global layout, talent cultivation, industry-university cooperation promotion, innovative value-added services and social participation more energy-rich. Upgrade. The period can continue to create the long-term value of the Bank of China while the external economic climate is still uncertain. Shangyin Technology is a corporate citizen of the world. It will continue to promote and urge upstream and downstream manufacturers to implement corporate social responsibility in the future.