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IAS Industrial Automation Exhibition is hot, and the Industry Fair will be locked in September.@ HIWIN Technology

IAS Industrial Automation Exhibition is hot, and the Industry Fair will be locked in September.@ HIWIN Technology


The 2018 China International Industrial Fair will be launched in September. As one of the professional exhibitions of China Industry Fair, IAS Industrial Automation Exhibition will focus on the core technologies and front-end products of intelligent manufacturing.

HIWIN Technology brought you six-axis robot arm welding application, harmonic reducer, linear motor, DD motor, single-axis robot full module, wafer robot, direct drive motor rotary table, etc. A range of intelligent automation key feature products. On-site display of the automatic loading and unloading application of the six-axis robot arm linkage intelligent silo and the cooperative rotary table.

With the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the market demand, HIWIN Technology will work with you to move towards Industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing and provide complete solutions with high added value.

On-site new product recommendation, more rich prizes, welcome to visit!


Time: September 19~23, 2018

Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Booth No.: 5.1H Hall B115



Six-axis robotic arm welding application Welding Robot

Welding is a technique that emphasizes technology and skill, but it is harmful to human health due to the harsh environment.

The HIWIN articulated robotic arm is lightweight and features high precision, multiple degrees of freedom, high flexibility and a wide operating range. This time, the system integration application was exhibited, and the human arm welding was replaced by the robot arm. On the one hand, the personnel training problem was solved, on the one hand, the product stability was improved. • The enterprise transformation and upgrading needs were adapted to help the enterprise to build a smart factory solution.

○ RRA610-1476-GA is used in MIG welding applications with welding machines.

○ With the external positioner, multi-axis control through HRSS to achieve various welding needs.



Harmonic reducer

The harmonic reducer has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, high torsional rigidity and low starting torque.

It can be used in industries such as robots, automation equipment, semiconductor equipment, and machine tools.

Develop a variety of styles, specifications and reduction ratios to provide customers with a variety of choices and customized services to meet the various design and matching needs of customers.



Linear Motor

The linear motor is derived from Lorentz, which uses the interaction of current (I) and magnetic field (B) to generate thrust (F). With the arrangement of its own magnets and the use of multi-movers, the stroke can be achieved. Restricted and independent movement of single-axis multi-movers, nano-positioning accuracy control can be easily achieved by matching precision servo feedback.



DD motor

The torque motor rotary platform adopts direct drive without deceleration mechanism, and has excellent rigidity connection between the motor and the load. With servo drive control, it can exert excellent acceleration and smoothness of motion. Due to the form of the hollow shaft, the torque motor rotary platform is particularly suitable for automated tasks and can be run from a hollow shaft or through relevant accessories. The full range uses crossed roller bearings for high torque and high dynamics.




Single axis robot full module

HIWIN single-axis robot integrates servo motor, driver, ball screw and linear guide through modular design. With complete mechanism and electronic control service and simple installation method, the assembly time and installation of customers are greatly reduced. space.



Wafer robot

The key components are 100% self-made and the software is developed by itself. It has vertical integration of software and hardware and is highly competitive. High precision, high rigidity direct drive motor with repeatability of ±0.02mm. High space usage and small radius of gyration. Applicable to the semiconductor industry (wafer pick and place), optoelectronic industry (small panel and small solar panels), LED industry (sapphire substrate, rubber ring) and other pick and place equipment.



Direct drive motor rotary table

The silver direct drive motor rotary table uses HIWIN high acceleration, high torque, high precision, zero backlash self-made water-cooled direct drive motor and cross roller bearing, built-in air pressure powerful brake system, which plays a key role in the five-axis machining machine. Sexual role.

The direct drive motor rotary table can effectively enhance the competitiveness of the processing machine, with high speed, high performance and high precision. The one-time processing program has the advantages of reducing the error of disassembly and clamping, and has the ability of curved surface processing. .

○ Two-axis rotary table (RAB/RAS series), a key component of the high-end five-axis machining machine.

○ Single-axis rotary table (RCV/RCH series), used in milling and compounding machining centers, with a speed of 2,000 RPM.



Automatic loading and unloading (smart silo / six-axis robot / rotary table)

The intelligent silo independently developed by HIWIN can serially generate multi-station production information, including: production capacity, machine utilization rate, online material warehouse, etc., real-time monitoring of the production status of each station, and with high precision, multiple degrees of freedom, The highly flexible HIWIN articulated robotic arm performs repetitive loading and unloading work to realize an intelligent factory.

○ Six-axis robot arm RA610

○ Intelligent silo

○ Direct drive motor rotary table RAS-320