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HIWIN welcomes you to attend the CME Shanghai Machine Tool Show

HIWIN welcomes you to attend the CME Shanghai Machine Tool Show

The 2019CME China (Shanghai) Machine Tool Show will be held from February 26th to March 1st.
HIWIN welcomes you at the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) Hall 2H.
HIWIN takes "Industry 4.0 Quality Partner" as the main axis and demonstrates the energy of long-term cultivation of intelligent automation.
We look forward to your visit to the booth of BOC 2-C01 to learn about our new products: i4.0BS intelligent ball screw, "Super Motion System" torque motor rotating ball screw, Torque Motor rotary table, SCARA Scala robot, smart material Warehouse, SSA single-axis linear motor positioning platform, etc.
Time: 2019/ 02/26, -03/01
Venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center
Booth No.: 2H Hall 2-C01
1. Torque Motor rotary table
The Torque Motor rotary table produced by HIWIN is a water-cooled torque motor with performance beyond mechanical transmissions such as worm gears and roller cams.
The Torque Motor rotary table is equipped with a higher speed and is equipped with a water-cooled torque motor. In addition to reducing thermal deformation, it can increase working torque and achieve high dynamic response and accuracy.
Together with zero backlash and zero wear, it can improve the reliability and added value of the Torque Motor rotary table.
In addition to the water-cooled torque motor, the Torque Motor rotary table is also equipped with high-precision bearings, absolute angle encoders and powerful brakes to achieve a high-performance rotary table.
● Two-axis rotary table (RAB/RAS series), a key component of the high-end five-axis machining machine.
● Single-axis rotary table (RCV/RCH series), used in the milling and machining center, with a speed of 2,000 RPM.
2, i4.0BS intelligent ball screw - won the 2018 International Innovation Award
The first intelligent ball screw with Industry 4.0 connection, its sensing design can effectively monitor the performance of ball screw; the operator can know the ball screw preloading state, screw temperature rise and displacement, screw by intelligent module. The amount of vibration, the best lubrication time, in order to maintain the quality and efficiency of the process, the manager can remotely grasp the status of each machine in real time by the APP, and avoid the production of defective parts in advance to plan the production schedule and maintenance plan.
3, "Super Motion System" torque motor rotating ball screw
HIWIN's torque-responsive motor, ball screw, linear guide and cross-ball bearing for fast-response feed systems with fast response, streamlined, high-torque drive for long-stroke feed axes, providing a complete drive solution.
4, [smart factory] automatic loading and unloading
HIWIN's self-developed intelligent silo can serially generate multi-station production information, including: production capacity, machine utilization rate, online material warehouse, etc., real-time monitoring of the production status of each station, with high precision, multiple degrees of freedom, high The flexible HIWIN articulated robotic arm performs repetitive loading and unloading work to realize an intelligent factory. HIWIN owns key parts of Torque Motor rotary table (such as torque motor, bearing, etc.), which has good performance in high speed, high torque and high rigidity, and can master the cost, delivery and quality of key parts. The self-developed Torque Motor rotary table and five-axis simultaneous machining match each other to enhance the overall competitiveness of the five-axis machine tool, making the Torque Motor rotary table the best choice for high-end machine tools.
• RA610 articulated robotic arm
• SW-40 intelligent silo
• RAS-320 Torque Motor rotary table
5. SCARA Robot 
The Scala robot arm is suitable for quick access to or assembly of objects in a flat range, and is widely used in the plastics industry, the automotive industry, the electronics industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the food industry.
6, Wafer Robot (Wafer Robot)
The key components are 100% self-made and the software is developed by itself. It has vertical integration of software and hardware and is highly competitive. High precision, high rigidity direct drive motor with repeatability of ±0.02mm. High space usage and small radius of gyration. Applicable to the semiconductor industry (wafer pick and place), optoelectronic industry (small panel and small solar panels), LED industry (sapphire substrate, rubber ring) and other pick and place equipment.
7, torque motor Torque Motor
The torque motor rotary platform adopts direct drive without deceleration mechanism, and has excellent rigidity connection between the motor and the load. With servo drive control, it can exert excellent acceleration and smoothness of motion. Due to the form of the hollow shaft, the torque motor rotary platform is particularly suitable for automated tasks and can be run from a hollow shaft or through relevant accessories. The full range uses crossed roller bearings for high torque and high dynamics.
8, articulated robot
● The lightweight and articulated robotic arm, with its many degrees of freedom and high flexibility, can be applied to the handling of objects or complex machining tasks in addition to the handling of objects.
● It is suitable for object picking and stacking, workpiece deburring and grinding, and component assembly.