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The park’s “open landscape” shines into the fair

The park’s “open landscape” shines into the fair




Good business environment attracts companies to take root


International manufacturing giants "get together" show strength


Su Baoxun (Yang Yang) On November 6, the first China International Import Expo entered the second day. Wu Qingwen, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, visited the Roche Group booth and visited Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Shanghai Silver, Microsoft, SEW, SW and other exhibitors from the Expo will learn more about the latest products of each company, the current development in the park and the future planning.



Founded in 1896, Roche Group is a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics and is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Currently, 30 drugs developed by Roche are included in the World Health Organization's list of essential medicines. On October 29 this year, Roche Diagnostics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. officially opened in the park. The company's total investment is 299 million US dollars, which is Roche's first production and R&D base in the Asia Pacific region.



Founded in 1886, Johnson & Johnson is the world's largest healthcare and consumer care products company, with products sold in 175 countries and regions. In November 2017, Johnson & Johnson Medical's new factory, with a total investment of US$180 million, held a groundbreaking ceremony in the park. This is another milestone project for Johnson & Johnson to continue to increase investment in Jiangsu. It is also the first time that Johnson & Johnson has introduced cutting-edge minimally invasive surgery and open surgical equipment production technology into China.


On December 28, 1994, Samsung Electronics (Suzhou) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. received the "00001" business license issued by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Suzhou Industrial Park, becoming the first foreign-invested enterprise to enter the park. At the Expo, Samsung first demonstrated the QLED8K series of TVs using 8K artificial intelligence enhancement technology in China. The technology was launched at the end of August this year with a peak brightness of up to 4000 nits.




Shangyin Technology is the world's largest manufacturer of ball screws by HIWIN's own brand marketing. It is the world's second largest leader in transmission control and system technology. In November 2017, the new factory of Shangyin Technology (China) Co., Ltd. located in Suzhou Industrial Park was officially opened. In addition to production plants and logistics centers, R&D centers and robotic precision manufacturing centers were also established. 800 million yuan.


The Microsoft Suzhou R&D Center in the park was established in 2013. The research focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, speech recognition, image recognition, natural human-computer interaction, and cloud computing. He has been deeply involved in the development and operation of core products such as Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Office365 Bing search engine.


In 2002, SEW, a well-known German transmission system manufacturer, entered the Suzhou Industrial Park. At the signing ceremony of key projects in August this year, SEW Company increased its capital by 200 million US dollars to expand production. The German headquarters of the company attaches great importance to the exhibition platform of the Expo, and has deployed many newest equipments from around the world. The five-dimensional parallel robots participating in the fair can more than double the efficiency of the fast sorting process.



Esvi (SW) is a global leader in metalworking industry solutions and workpiece customization systems. Its core product multi-spindle machining centers are widely used in automotive, aerospace, hydraulic and other manufacturing industries, and have a high reputation in the metal processing industry. In October 2016, Esvi Machine Tool (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. officially opened in the park with a total investment of 17 million Euros. It is the first overseas factory of SW Company of Germany, and its production and service will radiate the entire Asian market.


In the past 24 years of development and construction, the park has vigorously introduced foreign capital, optimized the business environment, and strived to build an open economy development highland. At present, it has become one of the development areas with high concentration of domestic and foreign investment sources (regions). In the first half of 2018 alone, the park added 136 new foreign investment projects and 200 scientific and technological research and development projects. The three major industries of biomedicine, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology applications maintained an increase of around 25%, and the transformation and innovation momentum continued to strengthen.


Everywhere, Wu Qingwen communicated with representatives of exhibiting companies. He said that the park will continue to do pro-business services to help enterprises achieve better development. It is also hoped that enterprises in the future will continue to base themselves in Suzhou and deepen the park.




China-Singapore Cooperation Service Trade Innovation Forum held


Global experts talk about service innovation cooperation


Su Baoxun (Tang Xiaowen) On the morning of November 7, as the only forum on the theme of Sino-foreign cooperation and trade in the main event of the first China Expo, the event invited many experts and scholars to focus on the development trend of domestic and international service trade in the current digital economy era. With openness, cooperation and innovation as the main line, we will explore the innovation and cooperation in service trade under the new changes of economic globalization and the new pattern of comprehensive openness.


At the forum, experts, scholars, government officials and entrepreneurs from all over the world explored the innovation and cooperation of service trade from multiple dimensions with new vision and new ideas, and implemented the concept of mutual benefit and win-win. In the keynote speech, Jiang Xiaoyu, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, first gave a speech entitled “The Development of China's Service Trade in the Age of Global Unicom.” She pointed out that the service industry has become the largest industry in China's economy, and service trade has entered a period of rapid development, which will become a strong support for domestic industries. Jiang Xiaoyu suggested that China should further expand the service industry opening up, accelerate the reform and innovation of the domestic service industry, effectively rely on the advantages of manufacturing countries, and vigorously develop service trade.


In the keynote speech entitled "WTO and China's Open Service Development", Long Yongtu, chief negotiator of China's re-entry and WTO negotiations, and co-chairman of the Global CEO Development Conference, China and Globalization Think Tank stressed that China's service industry must adhere to Based on manufacturing development, we serve the manufacturing industry and create a service industry with global competitiveness and Chinese characteristics. At the same time, the emerging service industry represented by the Internet also has a huge space in the future. "When China truly becomes a major service trade country, it is possible to become a major trading nation and even a trading power."




The fund "national team" helps the development of services


Introduce more resources such as capital and talents to build a docking platform


Su Baoxun (Yuwen) On November 7, the China-Singapore Cooperation Service Trade Innovation Forum was unveiled at the first China International Import Expo. During the event, the China Service Trade Innovation Development Guidance Fund signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Jiangsu Provincial Government Investment Fund Management Committee, Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee and key enterprises. In the future, all parties will play their respective advantages and deepen cooperation in promoting the innovation and development of service trade.


The China Service Trade Innovation and Development Guidance Fund was set up by the Ministry of Commerce with a total capital of 10 billion yuan, aiming to accelerate the formation of a new pattern of China's service trade opening. With the development of the digital economy, the service trade of the park has achieved great development in recent years. At present, there are more than 2,820 enterprises related to service trade in the park. In 2017, the total import and export of park services was US$4.098 billion, up 5.26% year-on-year. The proportion of emerging services such as R&D services, technical services, intellectual property, computer and information technology, and management consulting continued to expand.


This time, the National Service Trade Fund and the Suzhou Industrial Park have started strategic cooperation, which means that the two sides will establish a stable and mutually beneficial information exchange work negotiation mechanism, continuously explore and deepen the cooperation areas, and promote the sustainable development of the park service trade related enterprises. It is reported that the fund will focus on the park's technology-leading, open and innovative service trade projects, especially for the digital economy, service outsourcing and other fields, which will not only bring new projects and funds to the park, but also the involvement of professional funds to further promote the park's stock. Service trade enterprises will accelerate transformation and upgrading, and promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger. In addition, the two sides will also set up a docking platform for the fund, introducing more resources such as capital and talents to promote the better and faster development of the emerging service trade industry.




Hand in hand with smart industry giants


Park construction intelligent network test area


Su Baoxun (Yang Yang) On November 6, the 2018 Intelligent Technology and Industry International Cooperation Forum co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People's Government of Jiangsu Province was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As an important supporting on-site event of the first China International Import Expo, this forum focuses on intelligent technology and industry, and exchanges from three levels: international cooperation, cutting-edge trends and industrial development. At the forum, the strategic cooperation project of the Intelligent Network Testing Zone of Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee was signed.


On the spot, Wu Qingwen, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, signed the intelligent network test zone strategy on behalf of the park with Siemens Transportation Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Bosch Automotive Components (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Anbofu Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Cooperation project agreement.


As the first domestic 5G integrated autopilot and supporting 5G vehicle networking laboratory test area, the campus intelligent network test area aims to build a national demonstration zone and serve the park's artificial intelligence, automotive and other related industries, and strive to be in the intelligent network. It plays a leading role in the work of standardization and commercialization. According to the agreement, the test will be divided into three phases. The partners will give full play to their own advantages and cooperate with innovation to carry out close cooperation around the areas of autonomous driving, intelligent transportation industry and application development, and jointly promote the planning and construction of the intelligent network testing zone of the park and build a park. Intelligent networked industry highland.


At present, the park intelligent network industry has good basic conditions. In terms of road planning, the campus intelligent network test area covers 85 intersections and 66 kilometers of roads, about 13.9 square kilometers. The area contains all grades of roads, which can realize automatic driving test in complex environments and meet multiple scenarios of different enterprises. Test requirements.


In terms of industrial base, the park has gathered more than 40 large-scale automobile manufacturing enterprises such as Bosch, Delphi and Jinlong, and 20 companies have set up R&D centers. At the same time, the company has introduced independent research and development institutions such as Siemens, Didi, and Beijing Branch, and is accelerating the development of key components such as millimeter wave radar, automatic driving underlying algorithm and vehicle vision system. The intelligent network industry chain is accelerating the layout. Good development momentum. In terms of cooperative application, the park established an intelligent network leadership team and actively introduced external partners such as China Telecom, Xinyi Electronics and Shanghai International Automobile City to set up an intelligent network joint laboratory. Make technical support for the test area, simultaneously explore a new mode of regional smart sharing travel, and actively promote demonstration applications such as unmanned buses and auto-driving vehicle charging as soon as possible.


The first phase of the test area has a starting area of ​​2.2 square kilometers, covering 15 intersections and 13 kilometers of roads. The multi-party cooperation forms an overall construction plan covering geographic information and navigation, field engineering construction, roadside equipment construction and integrated management and control platform. The test area of ​​the same period will also start the construction of 5G base station. At present, the 5G vehicle networking laboratory has been completed and put into use. It is worth mentioning that the test area planning is also closely related to the industrial direction of the park, focusing on the construction of vehicles and roads, etc. In addition to vehicle intelligence, the real-time perception of vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and traffic lights, and roads will be realized through v2x equipment. According to reports, the current test area planning has been basically completed, and it is expected that the core intersection test will be gradually opened at the end of this year. In the future, the park will continue to actively seize the huge opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence, accelerate the construction of intelligent network testing zones, achieve cooperation and win-win, and jointly open a new era of Internet of Everything.


"Suzhou Daily" November 9, 2018