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Seeking a long road to go with the silver - the 7th "Shangyin Excellent Mechanical Doctoral Thesis Award" awarding ceremony was held in Quancheng

Seeking a long road to go with the silver - the 7th "Shangyin Excellent Mechanical Doctoral Thesis Award" awarding ceremony was held in Quancheng


From: Machine Tool Magazine "Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools" Magazine Tan Hongying

On November 13, 2017, the 7th “Silver Excellent Mechanical Doctoral Thesis Award” (hereinafter referred to as “Silver Excellent Bo Award” was held in Jinan. The guests present at the award ceremony were Zhuo Yongcai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shangyin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Silver Technology”), Cai Huiqing, General Manager of China Mechanical Engineering Society, and Song Tianhu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Mechanical Engineering Society. Lu and Secretary-General Lu Daming, Honorary Director of China Mechanical Engineering Society, Professor Huang Tian of Tianjin University, etc.
The Shangyin Youbo Awards have been held for 7 sessions so far. With the increasing influence of the event, there are more and more institutions of higher learning participating in the three sides of the strait. The award has become a brand award in China's mechanical discipline.


At the award ceremony, Zhuo Yongcai, the chairman of Shangyin Technology, delivered a speech first. He thanked the colleagues of the organizing committee of the competition for their contributions and congratulated the award-winning classmates and instructors. He mentioned that “the 19th National Congress” ended successfully not long ago, which means the opening of a new era. China's move from “manufacturing powers” ​​to “manufacturing powers” ​​is not a trivial matter, and the role played by precision machinery is crucial. On the way from quantitative to qualitative, precision machinery is still closely related to our daily lives. For example, he said that the products of Shangyin Technology are used from the fall of the people to the earth, and for example, the semiconductors used by most electronic products — he said that the company is currently working with the world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer AMAT (AMAT) ) Cooperating to develop a 2nm ultra-precision positioning platform (currently representing the highest application level of 10nm). He said that prior to the Shangyin Youbo Award, Shangyin Technology has held many years of master's thesis awards in Taiwan. With the accumulated rich experience and the strong support of the Mechanical Engineering Society, the active participation of colleges and universities across the Taiwan Straits The Shangyin Youbo Awards have been hailed throughout the country. He said that for the award-winning students, Shangyin Technology will also invite to participate in opportunities such as Beijing International Machine Tool Show and Tokyo International Machine Tool Show, as well as to visit world-renowned machine tool companies, to achieve "to read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles" See the trip. On the one hand, he hopes that the friends of the industry will pay more attention to the research and development achievements of the award-winning students, so that the road of domestic production, education and research is more comprehensive and close; on the one hand, he hopes that the award-winning students will not forget to think, research and innovate in the future world. & rdquo;, change the world.


The honorary director of the China Mechanical Engineering Society and Professor Huang Tian of Tianjin University introduced the current situation on behalf of the final review committee. This year's Shangyin Youbo Awards, all manuscripts have gone through three trials: initial review, review and final review. The initial review was completed at the time of recommendation by various institutions of higher learning. From March 1, 2016 to April 10, 2017, a total of 73 papers were reviewed (from 39 universities, there are 4 Taiwanese universities, 2 Hong Kong institutions, and 6 new campuses in mainland China). After the review, 32 articles entered the final review and the last 17 won. This year's excellent blog awards further expanded the lineup of the expert group judges, adding 19 judges and a total of 366 judges. The judges of the Shangyin Youbo Awards are strong. There are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Yuming, Zhong Di, Jiang Zhuangde, etc., as well as professors Shi Yaowu, Jiang Chengyu, and Yan Hongsen. Professor Huang Tian has participated in the 4th and 5th prizes. He believes that the Shangyin Youbo Awards impressed the original innovation and potential practicality. In addition, even if individual research is far from application, it is novel and wonderful. Features can still be favored.


Subsequently, a grand award ceremony was held. Zhuo Yongcai, Lu Daming, Huang Tian and Song Tianhu awarded trophies and checks to the doctors and instructors of the 9 Groups of Excellence Awards, 5 Groups of Excellence Awards, 2 Groups of Bronze Awards and 1 Group of Silver Awards (Gold Prize Vacancies).

The awards for this year's Shangyin Youbo Award are as follows: 


Song Tianhu, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, discussed the feelings of the construction of the New Engineering Branch. New engineering construction goals: Explore new models in 2020, actively adapt to new technologies, new industries and new economic development; in 2030, form a Chinese-oriented, world-class engineering education system to support national innovation and development; in 2050, form a global leading engineering education model in China, Establish a strong engineering education country and lay the foundation for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Although the focus of new engineering education is undergraduate education, it has ignited torches for follow-up education. Among them, mechanical engineering is an important discipline that lays the foundation for national manufacturing technology and enhances the real economy. The 73 colleges and universities participating in the Shangyin Youbo Awards have more than 1,500 doctoral graduates each year. The Shangyin Youbo Award encourages the determination of scientific research goals based on industrial needs and contributes to the growth of high-level innovative talents. Most of the award-winning doctors have been engaged in mechanical disciplines since graduation, and have successively won the titles of all levels, which is inextricably linked with their first recognition during their doctoral work, which is also a difficult research for them in the future. The road has been greatly encouraged. In the future, the Shangyin Youbo Award will continue to work hard and move forward in the strategic development of China Manufacturing 2025.  

The 7th Banking Excellence Awards have been successfully concluded and the 8th work is about to begin. The relevant information is as follows: