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HIWIN robot exhibitors won the attention of the new French president Mark Hung

HIWIN robot exhibitors won the attention of the new French president Mark Hung


From: Business Times Shen Meixing


The Shangyin Group's layout robot entered the harvest stage. At the Hannover Industrial Exhibition in Germany, which ended at the end of April this year, the HIWIN STAR WAR robot was held in the face of the lightsaber. The fantasy sound and light effect was like the Star Wars movie scene, attracting German Chancellor Merkel, Poland. The Prime Minister has more than two eyes, and also made headlines on the ZDF evening news of Germany's second largest TV station. Even the new French President Mark Hung was invited to visit France to host the International Microtechnology Exhibition during the September election campaign. He also felt special about the silver six-axis robot. Interest, concerned about the development of the robot industry.



In September 2016, Shanghai Silver participated in the Micronora International Micro-Technology Exhibition once every two years in Besançon, France. The six-axis robot was specially exhibited and won the attention of Mark Hong, who was then the presidential candidate. The picture is provided by Shangyin



The Bank of China recently participated in the Hannover Industrial Exhibition in Germany, and exhibited a robot with a light sword in the Star Wars as the main axis, attracting the opening ceremony of German Chancellor Merkel. The picture is provided by Shangyin


In the past few years, Shangyin has invested a lot of manpower and funds to develop industrial and medical robots from the field of transmission systems such as ball screws and linear slides. Shangyin said that French Besancon will be held once every two years


Micronora International Micro-Technology Exhibition is a cutting-edge technology exhibition focusing on precision, miniaturization and bringing together complex functions. In September last year, Mark Hong was a presidential candidate, concerned about the economic development of France, and was invited to visit during the election. On the silver stall, I was particularly interested in the silver six-axis robot. I stayed for a long time and gave a nod to the staff.


Shangyin said that many people have a romantic impression of France and have a profound cultural heritage. From traditional aircraft, high-speed rail and nuclear power to today's emerging digital technology, environmental protection and energy saving, 3D printing, France is still in many fields. A leader in cutting-edge technology. In recent years, the wave of terrorism and strikes that have been raging in France has plagued France. When France is closely surrounding the need to change production and lifestyle, and regaining the industrial "heavy weapon of the country," HIWIN's robot hopes to cooperate with France. Create a better future.


One of the core claims of Mark Hong’s election is to end the 35-hour working hour limit for young French people. Mark Hong said: “When you are young, 35 hours is not enough. You will want to do more and learn from your work. As for workers in their 50s, they can choose shorter working hours.


Not only does the French president care about the development of robots, but at the Hannover Industrial Exhibition, which ended at the end of April 2017, German Chancellor Merkel and (Beata Szydlo) also visited the Hannover exhibition site, and the Shangyin Technology Show also attracted two The vision of the Prime Minister and the eyes of the masses, the HIWIN robot show is also the second largest TV station in Germany.