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Shanghai Semiconductor Show, the world's three major semiconductor equipment manufacturers are HIWIN customers

Shanghai Semiconductor Show, the world's three major semiconductor equipment manufacturers are HIWIN customers


SEMICON China 2019 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 20-22, 2019.

HIWIN's electromechanical integration of high-precision transmission components with drive control plays an important role in the industry's intelligent manufacturing trend. HIWIN Group's products include: EFEM (wafer transfer system), wafer robot arm, silent linear guide, high dust-proof screw module, linear motor, direct drive motor, Air Bearing precision positioning platform, etc., can be matched with nano-scale servo The drive controller and communication interface are integrated with the factory system and are used in process equipment for semiconductor, OLED, Micro-LED, PCB and other high-tech industries to provide a complete solution.

HIWIN Group is a multinational company with customers in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania. Its coverage includes: Aerospace, Semiconductor, FPD, LED, Photovoltaic, Medical Pharma, Precision Inspection, Machine Tool, Food, Textile, Advertising, Automation And other industries.


SEMICON China 2019

Time: 2019/3/20-22

Booth: Hall 4, Hall 4

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center


01.Equipment Front End Module

EFEM is a semiconductor wafer transfer system that achieves low particulate dust generation by integrating clean robotic arms. EFEM has a highly integrated design that can be adapted to the needs of the customer, applied to the relevant processes, and ensures more efficient and competitive production equipment and processes. Vertical integration with HIWIN's diverse product categories, combined with self-developed system control, to meet different customer needs and applied to the process. Optional peripheral modules such as Wafer ID Reader, RFID, Edge Finder, Load Port, etc., and system planning according to product specifications.


● Use vacuum suction wafers for wafer sizes of 8 and 12 inches.

● Support RS-232, Ethernet communication.

● Simple man-machine interface for flexible setting of shipping rules.

● Built-in arm access macro, allowing users to easily operate the arm.

● HIWIN key components: servo motor, direct drive motor, linear guide, ball screw, single-axis robot.


02. Wafer Robot

Key functional components in the robot, such as servo motors, direct drive motors, linear guides, ball screws, etc. Produced by HIWIN, plus software development, with the vertical integration of hardware and software. HIWIN Wafer Robot adopts high-precision, high-rigidity direct drive motor with repeatability of ± 0.02mm, small slewing radius and high space utilization rate. It can provide customized service according to customer's production requirements and enhance customer competitiveness. Applicable to the semiconductor industry (wafer pick and place), optoelectronic industry (small panel, small solar panels), LED industry (sapphire substrate, rubber ring) and other pick and place equipment.






03.SSA single-axis linear motor platform


● The shortest delivery date is 1 week

● Maximum speed 5000mm/s

● High resolution 0.1µm

● Optimal reproduction accuracy ±1µm

● With HIWIN drive D1

Application Industry:

● Suitable for electronic automation industry


04. Nano air bearing positioning platform

Product Features:

● Dynamic-balance / dynamic balance

The unique reaction force balance and dynamic inertia compensation motion control technology is used to dynamically brake the nano-positioning external interference source to establish a new standard for dynamic micro-motion precise positioning.

● Åstro-precision / precision positioning

Combined with direct drive linear motors, vacuum preloaded porous air bearings, precision SiC bearing guides and highly stable servo motor drives, it supports long-term reliable fast nanopositioning.

● Modularize & Organic / Green Energy Manufacturing

Highly modular green design and manufacturing, high efficiency direct drive, ultra low loss air bearing, in line with the ultra low dust cleaning requirements of the target market Class10.

● Novel-Design / Prospective Design

The dynamic reaction force balance, dynamic inertia compensation and attitude error adjustment mechanism have applied for the patents of major industrial advanced countries, showing the excellent position of high-order sports platforms.


05. Torque Motor Torque Motor

The torque motor rotary platform adopts direct drive without deceleration mechanism, and has excellent rigidity connection between the motor and the load. With servo drive control, it can exert excellent acceleration and smoothness of motion. Due to the form of the hollow shaft, the torque motor rotary platform is particularly suitable for automated tasks and can be run from a hollow shaft or through relevant accessories. The full range uses cross-roller bearings for high torque and high dynamics.


06.Delta Robot

Designed for use in a variety of industries with automated production lines, the compact design provides users with greater flexibility in a limited installation space while achieving faster acceleration, high-speed handling and picking operations, and high precision. Stable sports performance.

The Shangda Delta robot has an IP 65 degree of protection, enabling industrial users to implement automated production line applications to comply with safety and hygiene standards; according to EN1672-2, the food industry can also use robotic arms to achieve automated production and avoid production lines. Pollution can meet the guidelines for good food hygiene standards.


07.HIWIN single-axis robot full module

● HIWIN single-axis robots are mainly designed to integrate ball screws and linear guides with linear motors and drives through a modular design. High-precision ball screw is used as the transmission mechanism to achieve high precision, high efficiency, small size and fast installation.

● Provide integrated solutions for customer organizations and electronic control, combined with single-axis robots, linear motors and drives, significantly reducing customer assembly time and installation space.

● Suitable for high precision industry, semiconductor industry, medical automation industry, FPD panel handling, testing or test environment.